Why Deep Water Running?

Injured? Don’t like pavement? Trails too tricky?  DWR is a NON-IMPACT cardio workout that is the closest approximation to running!

Any level of fitness can benefit, from beginners to extreme athletes.

World class athletes commonly use DWR to alleviate pressure on the joints while maintaining high fitness levels.

Provides resistance in all directions of movement for both your arms and your legs, adding to the workout.

Dynamic instructor led sessions keep you motivated and active through intervals, core and upper extremity work in addition to running.

Replaces outdoor runs or add DWR as a non-impact supplement!

Your hair can stay dry. We provide all equipment. Just bring a towel!







We are certain that if you try us one time, you will be hooked.​ We are putting our money where our mouth is.


*This promotion is available to     

  newcomers for classes at

  Purchase College ONLY.

Purchase College
Anderson Hill Rd to Purchase campus.  Make a right onto campus and proceed until you see the Athletic building on your right. You can park in that lot.  Enter building, go up stairs directly in front of you.  Make a left out of stairwell, make another quick left, then see signs for the pool.
Alternately, take King street to Lincoln Avenue (on right).  Make a left onto Purchase campus, then a left into Athletic Building lot.  
                                           8:00 - 9:00am
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