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​"Tread H2O Deep water running is terrific for all athletes from professional to weekend warriors to people who just want to lose weight, tone up or just have fun. As a triathlon coach and college swim/tennis coach my athletes use Tread H2O deep water running sessions to get their aerobic and anaerobic training sessions completed without any possibility of injury from impact and overuse. Each class is a combination of different strides and exercises that strengthen every part of the body. There is no doubt that deep water running is the best way to rehab injuries, taper training, and replace high impact workouts. For triathletes or casual runners who get impact injuries This is the only way to get equal or better benefit without any risk of additional injury. The classes turn a long run workout into a joy. My college athletes look forward to the deep water running sessions with Amy and Deb. They both understand the biomechanics of different sports and the related muscle groups that need to be strengthened and trained. They take the time to change the workout depending on the goal of the audience."

P.Nestel NCAA Swim and Tennis Coach



"This has been a great non-impact way to maintain my fitness while dealing with a back injury. My legs have stayed strong, and despite being in the water, I work up a sweat!"



"As a competitive runner and triathlete, I had always thought nothing could approximate a true run workout, and the elliptical and other machines at the gym never could get the job done. But an hour spent in your class goes above and beyond expectations, and every time I take one I marvel at the quality of the workout and the dedication of the instructors. Thanks for helping me not only recover from injury but maintain my run fitness while doing so!"












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